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Ted & Michelle W

"XanthoMystTM is the most significant nutritional product ever developed! We are beyond excited about how CTFO disrupted the traditional health & wellness industry, which represents the future of healthcare as we know it."

Adam L. USA

"As a 37 year industry veteran, In the past 5 years, CTFO has delivered the most consistent true 6-figure residual income I have ever experienced."

Cathy G, Canada

"Timing is everything! With a 'new to the world' technology. CTFO has all the elements that make this an amazing opportunity.

This company truly is CHANGING THE FUTURE OUTCOME!"

Donna F., Canada

"I've built and lead successful teams for over 30 years in this industry. CTFO is the company that offers evertyhing I was looking for. Company, products, compensation, training and most importantly heart!"

Michael S. USA

"The CTFO compensation plan offers a pathway to financial freedom for anyone who joins. Out of the 6 ways to get paid, my favorite is qualifying for the $10,000 monthly loyalty bonus."

Gerry Y

"I love the Myst. I love the taste. The Clean Energy All Day. I am 72 and walk my 2 hrs every day. Wow, no muscle and join discomfort."

Cathy G

"I woke up this morning with a Sore Throat. I grabbed XanthoMyst, gave four Mysts, and took my Super7 & 10xPure Vitamins and felt great."

Paula T

"I had been experiencing knee discomfort for 5-6 months, but it no longer hurts. Now, I have no discomfort or struggle."

timing is everything and it really
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Dr. Fred Templeman,
XanthoMyst™ consultant and medical advisor

CTFO welcomes Dr. Templeman as a consultant and medical advisor focused on XanthoMyst™. More importantly, CTFO wanted to give our associates access to his counsel and wisdom as CTFO expands our footprint around the globe. Dr. Templeman, commented:

"I have followed Mangosteen for over 20 years now, from even before its introduction into the world supplement marketplace. I am enthusiastic about what, as a physician, I have observed that it can do for the human body across many organ systems."

Dr. Templeman went on to say, I'm very excited about being able work with CTFO using a cutting-edge Mangosteen product that takes advantage of diminished particle size for both bioavailability and effectiveness.

meet the ctfo president

Kevin Fournier

Kevin brings a track record of operational excellence. He helped lead a direct selling corporate and field sales team to well over $1B in sales from 1995-2017. During that time, Kevin was responsible for operations in over 20 countries including the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Australia and the Philippines.

"The 10xPURE™ nanoemulsion discovery we made with XanthoMyst™ provides our Associate Business Partners a groundbreaking lead product with the most compelling opportunity for building an expanding global business with the opportunity to earn a full-time or part-time income."



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